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 What makes Keep Safe Care different is that we offering our Private-Duty-in-a-Box® system as a software license to help individuals start and / or run a private duty agency online at a fraction of the existing traditional franchising model. We package our license under a Ultra-Lite Franchise model where the cost of these licenses range from $10,000 to $20,000 depending on the size of the protected area you chose. These licenses are for qualified individuals who have experience in the caregiving space and want to be in the business of helping take care of people in their homes, but may not have the $100,000 to $250,000 to purchase a franchise from the legacy franchisors. We believe it is better that a licensee not have to pay huge upfront fees to us. We understand that a licensee will better know how, where and where to spend their capital to maximize their growth shorten the period needed to become profitable. By letting owners have more control under our Ultra-Lite Franchise, we believe betters the chances of your success, and Keep Safe Care becomes successful when you are successful. Unlike traditional franchisors, Keep Safe Care does not take all your money upfront, but wants to partner with you to help you grow, similar to how Starbucks grew in the 80s and 90s and continues to do so today. In addition, we offer two types of software licenses: One for new owners who want to be part of the Keep Safe Care network called Affiliates and one for existing private duty agencies, called Associates, who want to white label our platform to become far more efficient and grow faster with less costs. If you are interested in becoming a Keep Safe Care Affiliate or are interested in learning more about our software as an existing operator, please fill out this form at the bottom of this page to request more information.
Benefits of Owning a Keep Safe Care License
Keep Safe Care wants to revolutionize the private duty, private pay industry both for clients and caregivers throughout the United States. We ultimately want to set the gold standard for client satisfaction, agency efficiency and caregiver management, retention, and pay.
The majority of new private duty agencies in the United States are franchises. A typical franchise cost somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000 to open. Keep Safe Care wants to change that. We are driving the start up costs down to one tenth of what it costs now. In addition, Keep Safe Care will no longer do what franchisors do and take an inordinate percentage of your hard earned revenues as royalties, and with our unique application, will reduce operating costs by 50% (one half) due primarily to the ability to recruit, curate and manage caregivers more efficiently.
Keep Safe Care is about revolutionizing the way that private duty agencies deliver care and they way they treat and manage caregivers. We are all about changing the old mold of big companies controlling franchisees, and at the same time eliminating franchisees’ chronic problems of caregiver truancy and turnover. Our have achieved this goal by first paying caregivers more. Due to our improved efficiencies of operations, caregivers in our system are afforded a higher standard wage, while at the same time not increasing client costs. Keep Safe Care reduces an agency’s operating costs by 40% to 55% over other traditional private duty franchises allowing owners to do more with less costs.

Thank you for considering becoming a part of Keep Safe Care as either an Affiliate or an Associate.. Presently we are only collecting information about individuals who might be interested in getting more information about becoming a Keep Safe Care licensee. There is NO obligation, and we will send you more information upon request. Please let us know where and when you are interested in starting on the form below and we will be in touch.

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